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Grow light for Pin Heatsink 100Watts
100 Watt Pin Heatsink for COB Grow light
  • Excellent thermal conductivity due to special aluminum, pin fin Heatsink feature improved heat conduction due to their almost pure aluminum alloy (Al 99.5; 210-236 W/mK) and high material density from forging. Heat evenly dissipates in the base and the pin material for free or forced convection.

  • Streamlined omnidirectional fin geometrie

  • Suitable for free and forced convection, no direction bounded installation position

  • Flat semiconductor mounting surfaces, contour also as milled parts according to your demands

  • Standard pin fin heat sinks are relatively new derivatives of the Aluminum heat sink. Unlike aluminum extrusion heat sinks, which contain an array of vertically pins, Standard pin fins features pins that gradually bend outward. Curving the pins in this way increases the spacing between the pins and allows surrounding air streams to enter and exit the pin array more efficiently without sacrificing surface area.

  • The impact of increased pin spacing on heat sink performance is magnified at lower air speeds because weak air streams have less power to penetrate the array of pins.

  • In low air speed environments and in natural convection, the increased spacing between the pins reduces the heat sink's thermal resistance by up to forty percent versus a aluminum extrusion profile heat sink. As a result, pin fins are recommended for low and moderate airspeed environments and for natural convection cooling.