Renxin Thermal Solutions

Company Profiles

.   No. of employees : ca 186 
.   Factory area:4,100 square meters.
.   Annual Sales Revenue:more than 50 million (CNY)
.   Production facility: CNC (four-axis) 22 set,
                                      Full automatic cutting(PLC control) 4 set,
                                      Double punching machine 6 set 
                                      Forging machine  4 set 
                                      Ultrasonic Cleaning Lens 1        
       Automatic removing Burring 1 set 

                                      Laser Cutting machine 2 (30KW /50 KW)set 
                                      CNC Bending Machine 3 set 
.    Export share : 63% ,Export  countries 34

.   Work place :Dongguan, Shengzhen, HongKong

 Core competencies      
>  Heatsink >  Extruded Profiles Heatsink, Forging Pin Fin Heatsink ,Stacked Fin Hetasinks , Fluid Cooling Plate 
>  Case        >   Extruded Profiles Case , Customize Case( Laser forming + CNC bending )
 Electrical connections   >   DC/DC /DC/AC  Busbar Copper  , Metal stamping  Parts
>  Surface treatment  >  Anodize, Chromate conversion ,Tin plated,Zinc Plated,Powder Coat,Silkscreening

Quality Assurance
Without execution, there is no competition  >>
Certification according to ISO 9001:2015   

 We have a moral obligation to protect the environment,Establishment of a communication mechanism  we will introduce new methods, 
   techniques and equipment to protect employee's safety and health.

Customer Service
>  Responds to customer requests promptly,The ability to respond quickly to customer demands and offer them the product structure
     specification and quotation is one of the important aspects of enterprise agility.
 >  Serve fast, Keep and guarantee the customer demands to satisfy rapidly. Offer the intact solution, Cooperate with the customer to research
      and develop the demand of samples and Tested
 >  Lead Time: flexible production, quick delivery
 >  Support with design and drawings and related thermal technology support, CFD simulation and thermal Analysis services

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