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Collection of Technical Articles on Heatsink for Extruded Profeils Aluminum
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Collection of Technical Articles on Heatsink for Extruded Profeils Aluminum
ExtrusionExtrusion as a process by which a solid block is convertedinto a continuous length of uniform cross-section, by forcingit to flow under high pressure, thought a die orifice, whichis so shaped, as to impart the required form to the productTypically, billets of material are placed within a strong walledenclosure, and are caused to extrude through the die, undera powerful pressure exerted by a ram, actuated hydraulicallor mechanically.Extrusion is the most widely used method for heat sinkmanufacturing.Usually extrusions are 2 dimensional featuresand followed by machining process like adding featuresattach the component. A typical fin thickness is 0.60mm -2mm, but there have been cases where it can go as low as0.4mm. Capital investment and product cost are moderateand secondary operations contribute approximately 15.20% of the part cost, and control product parameters suchas tolerance, flatness, and surface finish. The flatness isan important factor for the performance of heat sink. Theindustry standard for flatness is 0.007in/in for heat sinks. cases where this is not achieved  directly from the extrusion.additional process like passing the heat sinks through timesaves is carried out


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