Item No.: RX602-025-19
From the fusion of Pin Fin heat sinks and DC fans the HXB models have been created. A combination, with which the fan distributes air through the heat sink for optimal cooling
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The coolers of the latest generation achieve a high flow rate with very low values of
power consumption. As a result of the computer-supported development of the wing
geometry, even the noise development has been optimised, and thus, the noise generated
by a typical rotor speed of 11,000 rpm-1 is very quiet with a sound level of 21
dB(A),Another plus point is the long service life of 70,000 / 350,000 hours (L10 / MTBF at
40°C). Moreover, the chip coolers have an electronically commuted motor whose motor
winding is switched by a special IC.
By a selection of suitable electronic components and high-quality ball bearings, the
reliability of the fans is achieved at operating temperatures between -10 and +80 °C.
Art:   RX602-025-19
Rth:    1.3 ~ 1.05 K/W 
Fan Size: 40x40x10mm or 40x40x15mm
Noise : 15 ~ 30 dB (A)
VDC : 6 ~ 12 
Current: 35 ~ 80 mA
RPM:   3600 ~ 11000 
Operating Temperature : - 20 ~ +80 ℃
Bearing Fan : 2 Ball bearing 
Life Expectancy : > 350,000 H
Heatsink size:  75  x 50 x 32 mm 
Heatsink Material  : AL1050 (99.5%)  ROHS 



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